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About WISE

WISE is a service of JFS, a respected community-based human service organization with a long history of helping all members of Washtenaw County, regardless of race or religion. That reputation is based on 30 years of providing programs and services to older adults and caregivers with integrity, compassion, social responsibility and humanitarian values.


With WISE, you have one dedicated care professional that connects you with personalized help and support. We provide the information you need to make informed choices that keep you living independently and well for as long as possible.

Two WISE plans are available.  WISE Choice  is a fee-based program that provides customized, comprehensive support for you or your loved one. We also offer the WISE Safety Net Plan at a sliding scale cost for low income community members. 

Offering older adults and caregivers the personalized support and

services they need to age well.


Care Coordination & Care Management

Helping you anticipate needs and navigate vulnerabilities and areas of risk or concern. 



Supportive services

Healthy food options catering to specialty diets. 

Offering evidence-based care management and social enrichment.


Transportation Services

Get where you need,
when you need it.


Caregiver Services

Providing caregivers the education and support they need.

With You Every
Step of the Way, Your Way

Our true value is the role we play as your personal consultant through the aging process. With compassion and understanding, our care professionals offer the expertise and industry connections to help you age on your own terms.


It’s your decision, but you don’t need to make it alone.

Your WISE care professional can offer you a range of choices and resources so you can chart your own course.


We have navigated these paths before and can help you avoid common mistakes and follow best practices to achieve your goals. 

Let our longstanding  relationships in
the community work for you.

We are connected to every local facility and resource.  We can make calls on your behalf and report back to you about what resources are available and best suit your needs. We listen to you to help you get where you want to go.

Regular Check-Ins Keep You Proactive, Not Reactive.

We keep in touch with each of our clients with a steady presence and regular check-ins.  We know the questions to ask that you may not have considered so you are prepared for what comes next. 


WISE is powered by


Through dedicated staff and volunteers, and in cooperation with a wide range of community partners, JFS strives to be a catalyst to meet the human service needs of all people of Washtenaw County.

We are committed to providing affordable, accessible, holistically-oriented and culturally sensitive care to our clients, whatever their identification, affiliation, lifestyle, background, race, religious creed, or national origin.

The most trusted names invest in us, because they trust us to invest in you.

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