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Supportive Services

Medical and Health Support


We can:

  • Help navigate the complex array of services to treat chronic and/or progressive illnesses 

  • Attend professional and health care appointments to improve the continuity of care.

  • Facilitate enhanced communication between providers, the client, and the support team.  

  • Arrange for durable medical equipment, safety inspections and home modifications. 

  • Accompany to medical appointments, tests, and surgeries 

  • Coordinate with hospital staff in regard to discharges from their facilities

Guidance for in-home support & modifications and residential transitions 


We can: 

  • Evaluate and make living space recommendations for fall prevention and in-home risk mitigation 

  • Assisting in identifying and engaging appropriate home care services, as well as. coordinating and oversight of current in-home  services.

  • Connect with client and support system to discuss maintenance of independence, health care, living arrangements, etc.

  • Research, evaluate and identify care options

  • Provide consultation on available home care agency choices.

  • Provide consultation on local assisted living facilities.

  • Provide consultation on local nursing homes.

  • Tour facilities with the client and family to discuss advantages of each.

  • Coordinate and assist in downsizing and moving to assisted living or other residential setting.



Support for your Mental Health and Social Emotional Well-Being


We can 

  • Provide easy, fast-tracked referrals to THRIVE Counseling with trained therapists who focus on life transitions,  grief and loss, coping with medical illness, relationship and family dynamics and more.
    THRIVE provides individual, group, couple and family counseling. 

  • Connect you with our extensive network of therapists and psychiatrists for specific needs
    and medication evaluation. 

  • Coordinate Friendly Visitors: Trained and vetted volunteers provide companionship and socialization opportunities. Matches meet monthly and participate in activities ranging from playing board games,
    sitting and chatting, to taking walks or going on short outings. 

  • Link clients with WISE Comfort Line: Clients are matched with our trained volunteers for regular
    phone calls to reduce social isolation, identify emerging needs and brighten days. Matches will
    have weekly calls. Volunteers will screen for critical needs and will link back to your WISE
    care professional for follow up.  

  • Offer community programs for social enrichment-WISE hosts our own programs for social and educational enrichment. Examples of programs include concerts, games and trivia, current events and mind-sharpening cognitive offerings.  Our staff is also well-versed in local and virtual resources for enrichment. 



Insurance, Legal and Financial Matters


We can:

  • Help navigate insurance (e.g., health, life, long-term care, Medicare and Veteran’s) issues, provide tracking and follow-up)

  • Identify options for bill paying, checkbook balancing, and consultation with accountants or Power of Attorney representatives on behalf of our clients. 

  • Identify important legal protocols and make referrals to vetted legal professionals.                           

  • Connect you with our extensive network of financial and legal professionals specializing in elder care, elder law and estate planning and management


Crisis Support


Emergencies happen. We’ll help you cope with them outside traditional business hours,
because emergencies don’t work on a schedule. 


We can: 

  • Answer your calls from the hospital, so we can help coordinate needed services and offer you support.

  • Function as a single point-of-contact and communication for your family.

  • Support caregivers and care-recipients during times of crisis.  



End of Life Decisions and Care


We can: 

  • Assist clients and family with understanding and enrolling in hospice care

  • Help coordinate end of life (funeral) arrangements, as well as consolidation of residential affairs

  • Provide culturally- and religiously-sensitive resources and services at end-of-life. 



This service is offered as part of the WISE Choice

Click here for sliding scale WISE Safety Net Services for eligible low income community members

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Through dedicated staff and volunteers, and in cooperation with a wide range of community partners, JFS strives to be a catalyst to meet the human service needs of all people of Washtenaw County.

We are committed to providing affordable, accessible, holistically-oriented and culturally sensitive care to our clients, whatever their identification, affiliation, lifestyle, background, race, religious creed, or national origin.

The most trusted names invest in us, because they trust us to invest in you.

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