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Mind Aerobics
You've probably heard the old adage "use it or lose it."
Research shows that this maxim applies to your brain health, too!

Mind Aerobics--a workout class for the brain. For adults who wish to maximize mental functioning.


"This program improved many things, but most of all my confidence in how I see me."


"At first I was a little hesitant. This gave me validation that my body responds to thinking challenges."

Developed by the award-winning New England Cognitive Center (NECC), this 12 week, 24 class virtual program uses games and activities to target: 


Reaction time

targeting speed, accuracy and automatic responses


Visual/spatial perception

assessing one’s perspective and relationship to his or her environment


Attention and concentration

improving the ability to focus which enhances memory



focused on improving the ability to move information through the memory network, from short-term to long-term



targeting word fluency, retrieval and appropriate usage


Problem solving

more abstract activities to understand complex scenarios and to formulate solutions


Sessions incorporate repetition and reinforcement practices to enhance learning and retention

NECC programs are the only effective, evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation interventions shown by independent research to provide cognitive stabilization, with some domains showing actual improvement, across several levels of cognitive function (from no impairment through severe impairment).

This program is suitable for 12 people per course with mild to no cognitive decline and no impairment.  Upon registration a short 15 minute assessment will take place. Participants will have the opportunity to continue to engage in further research to measure the long term impacts of the program.


April-June session participants had this to say about their experience:  

"I am very grateful for this program. It was very important at this time in my life."


"I am learning that working my brain is so important. Tuesday and Thursday nights l sleep much better. My mind is moving forward and that's a huge benefit for me."


"It helped me see the areas that I really need to work on."


The next course runs August 3 - November 3, from 3:00-4:00pm on Tuesday & Thursdays! 

The cost is $240 for the whole course. Scholarship support is available.


For more information, please contact JFS Manager of Community Engagement and Volunteer Services Jacob Singer at

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